Thursday, November 8, 2012

Walcott against schalke


           The contract rebel walcott has been in spotlight since the start of the season.According to him the reason behind his refusal to sign is that he needs to play as a center striker,while according to the board he is not satisfied with his weekly wage.Whatever may be the situation this post analyses his performance against schalke.
              Pros--    The goal he scored was very well taken.Giroud pondered while walcott pounced on it like a goal poacher.For the rest of the game half he helped sagna to limit the attacks through right side.Also he was trying to get himself into some interesting positions.
            Cons-Well the media,twitter ,fan pages ..have been praising walcott and the has him as the man of the match.But i think he was poor apart from the goal.Those who watched will still get frustrated the way he played after he received the pass.He takes the ball and tries t0o dribble it past two or three defenders around him,And not even once could he succeed.80%of the match saw him trying to cut inside,but was fruitless.Rest ,he crossed twice ,one to the stands and other to corner flag.While on the other flank podolski crossed twice ,one giroud scored and in the second goalie had the better moment.And in the 94th minute,one of the games best chances was given to him.He had the chance either to pass it to giroud or to shoot.I won't have a go at him for that,cause every striker misses chances.
        Well ,he has changed the fans hearts with his hattrick against reading and the brace against coventry city.He has improved his finishing ,but still lacks crossing and the intelligence of what to do with ball against teams which doesn't give him space.If you analyse him his 7/8goals -3 versus reading,2 versus coventry,1 vs west ham,1 vs southampton were against teams playing desperately for goal/low standards.I won't  insult his finishing,cause he is becoming a lethal finisher but,he has along way to go before he gets $100k weekly ARSENAL wages.

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