Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Emmanuel Frimpong MR DEENCH

         As i have written in the beginning i would be writing about our favourite arsenal players.First article was about arshavin and now a youngster.Our club is famed for its youth academy and the latest to enter the first team is Emmanual Frimpong.

        Emmanuel Yaw Frimpong is his full name.He was born in kumasi,ghana and moved to tottenham at the young age.Arsenal signed him at the age of 8.And according to the research he scored his first goal against coventry club.(sorry if iam wrong).The dynamic man came through the ranks after ten years of hardworking and remember it is not easy and only a few can do it.
     The lad was given the scholarship(a on pics,thanks to arsenal youth) after he impressed the coaches with improved performances.Then he won the double fa cup youth cup and premier league academy in the year 2008/09.Next year too, he was a member of youth team which won the fa youth cup.Every talanted youngster gets his chance and frimpong got it.Wenger selected him in the pre-season team of 2010.And in the emirate cup he was unleashed and he started both of the games.Lots of appreciation was won from the pundits as well as the fans.But injury struck him and he lost the chance to break into the first team along with his friend wilshere.
           The boss was very much pleased with his attributes especially his engine.Frimpong in my honest opinion never rested on his laurels and continued to work harder.The reason was obvious, fight for a place and also he loved the club deeply.Another interesting point  to note is that he formed a formidable partnership with wilshere at the heart of midfield  at his younger days.This will obviously help the club in the future.

        The year 2011 came,and frimpong broke into the first team.First match ,against liverpool he had a good game until the red card.Another game in which he really excelled was against manchester city.In that game against the billion dollar team he controlled the midfield.He also got another start against olimpiakos.

           Now looking at his game he is a defensive midfielder .His engine never stops and he has physical power to out muscle opponents.Tackling is good but only experience will teach him the correct time to execute it.The dynamic midfielder has a never say die attitude .Positioning and man marking has to be improved .Even though he had a good game against city,he should have done much better when they counter attacked for the last goal.But experience is teacher and with many games under his belt he would be a glowing star for arsenal.Only disappointing game he played according to me,is his last game .But he will overcome that and will be ready to pounce on any opportunities he gets.

          Let me explain guys,another reason i want him to be a great player.Looking back at our club, we have lost many players (good or bad)  just for money.Samir nasri is the latest to go.What i like in Emmanuel Yaw Frimpong is that he LOVES ARSENAL DEEP FROM HIS HEART.He is a player who has lot of passion for our dear club.This could be understood from his deed,words and action for the last one year.

          And another noting point is that even when he had the opportunity to play for england(which has more chance to win trophies than ghana) he rejected it and decided to play for his own country Ghana.This is quite remarkable.This underlines his dedication for his homeland and also the fact that he does what he feels in his heart  ..

      So guys lets hope he turns out to be another gem uncovered by arsene wenger.With games under his belt i would be expecting him to frimpong his opponents.What i think he needs now is lot of games which he will get if he goes out for a loan.Lets wish him best of luck.

bye tc
alfin thomas

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Arsenal vs Villa

     The present arsenal unlike past does not falter at pressure anymore.This could be told since watching their performance yesterday and have in your mind we had lost our previous match too.Dropping two points yesterday could have been catastrophic  since all the team around is winning.

      About the match to be frank this was a different villa team according to their performances,they were ready to attack and played a high line.Schezny had to make a good save at the start of the game.And the goal came across the run of play,arteta taking a hurried throw walcott showing some skill and then he was pushed back.Referee pointed to the spot and persie scored his 34th goal.We controlled the game and finished off the first half.But villa attacked after the half and for the first time vrmalean mad a mistake and villa scores.Substitution were made with benny,arsh and roscky  on the field.We attacked and got a lot of corners but couldn't convert.6minutes before the full time benny stuck with his head following a corner from van persie.Yeah we scored in the 84th minute and finished the game with authority.

   Overall a good performance from the lads.Frimpong did not had a good day.But he will improve.Wenger surprised with coquelin at right back.kos had another superb performance,mert was cool,verm except the mistake was as his usual .Anyway great performance showing the heart for grinding the result and well played aston villa.

bye tc

Monday, December 19, 2011

Arsenal vs City

       Our unbeaten run in the premier league for eight matches is over.Thinking about the game i really feel disheartened about the result.In my modest opinion we should at least have taken a point back home.

         The first half,both teams were full of energy and the pitch was crowded.City were better with players movement but arsenal defended  neatly.Schezny had to make one important save of ballotelli magic.At the other end  arsenal lacked creativity  and the wingers couldn't penetrate the defense.But we had fair share of chances.The most notable one was koscienly running from the back line to their box.But our captain took the shot which was blocked but eventually fell on the feet of ramsey.Had he taken a shot without touch or had he not touch it at all we could have scored.As the game progressed on city took lead with what i call a team blunder,First gervinho made a poor pass,they counter attacked koscienly couldn't cover his man and the seven arsenal men in the box couldn't nullify two city players ,schezny couldnt palm away the ball safely and they scored.Then suddenly the pressing was gone,space opened up and  the game was fast.It was post to post and we scored once but flagged offside by just..They too had their chances and to their dismay one hit the post.Well walcott who was anonymous for most part of the game hit a shot but hart blocked it away.Then another attack resulted in the ball hitting hands of richards but penalty was not given.Substitutes arshavin nor chamack couldnt be a super sub as we lost the match.

   Well lets hope for the best guys .And lets hope arsenal make amend against aston villa.come on gooners

bye tc

Friday, December 16, 2011

Transfer rumors (Joking!!!)

        When i was much younger i used to be crazy for transfer rumors.It would make me sit down and read all the bluffs  available.But as years passed by and when my intelligence grew(it has to) i tried to control myself from reading it.But to be true, i cant  control myself now too.(even though i  don't believe it unless from a very reasonable source). It is  the natural curiosity of any human being in wanting to know what will happen next.Here it is combined with the love for the club praying to be linked with a player who could transform the club to its next level.
                                   Now its middle of december with only a few weeks left for the transfer .So now i look into what the transfer mill is offering for our club and its credibility.

                                    Not just this site but many have been linking us to benzema.Whoah think deeply,do you feel he is gonna come to arsenal.Mourinho likes him a lot and preferred him to higuain against barca.With such confidence on him, will he be transferred to arsenal?think.


                                  Do u think wenger will go for alex.He is very happy with his current centre backs and mind you if he ever needs one will he go for alex or last year in contract man cahill?


                                 Not just this site ,but i used the site since they are bluffing too much for hits recently.When we have song ,wenger a great admirer of frimpong ,coquelin pleading for chances ,do you think wenger will go for another defensive midfielder?

                                  Just another article for hits. Even though it clearly mentions argentina ,the news is simply bad.

                                  Just after a good performance against man u media have been linking us to shaqiri.Well they think wenger will take any player who played nicely against their rivals.The news is waste as we have too many men playing in that position.

                                   If i continue with it the list would be big ,so iam not prolonging it.Let me share you another experience i had today.I stumbled across the news heading 'vieria to arsenal'.Surprised by the heading and not knowing what was ahead i clicked it.To my annoyance the author fooled me by telling vieria was a second division player in spain.I was pretty aghast by the incident and decided to write about it.

                                  Well there are many ,iam sure you have seen it as  much as i have seen.There are many reliable news circulating like wolfsburg interested in rosicky.Its true as their manager have spoken it out  publicly of their desire  to get rosicky as wll as bayern forward olic.Podolski news have been brought as he has ascertained that he want to leave abroad and wenger spoke of the chance of bringing in a new striker.

                                  What i am trying to tell you is please don't get  hyped by the transfer rumors running wildly .When i read comments of a transfer page i notice many of them yelling at wenger for trying to buy the player (as on that transfer page) .Well i don't  understand the logic behind it,reading a rumor and cursing the boss.So think for a moment before commenting and believing it.

                       I dont know why the bad fate is always with arsenal.We have drawn milan.Damn it .Why didnt we get other six teams.Lets hope it is for the best.Come on gooners

bye tc
alfin thomas

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arsenal out in youth FA cup,bunjaku leaves

         Not good news at all.First our youth team is out of the FA cup with a lose against derby.The game had moved into the extra time where the winner was hit.But the truth is that we dominated the game but could not find the winner and certainly bould was an unhappy man at the end.I dont know why all the upcoming goalies are good(like argentinian goalie martinez) charle cook was exceptional yesterday but could not stop the winner from being scored.

       The other is a bitter dissapointing as a fututre prospect bunjaku has left the club.When i had watched his matches and clips i was impressed by his flair and touch.But due to unknown reasons he have left the club.But wenger knows the best and i trust in him.

        Transfer rumours are running high ,currently linking us to podolski and torres .Wow the name sounds good but it  circulates just because of the fact that wenger mentioned about strikers .Not much news otherwise

bye tc

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hints on transfer

         Another quiet day has passed with no major news.Only good news has arrived from an unexpected area ie transfer.Wenger has stated he is ready to buy a striker when january window opens provided he finds a great buy.Unlike the transfer rumours this is authentic as it is published in official website.

        Earlier in the season when he was asked of the chance of buying a striker (since both chamakh as well as gervinho arse leaving for ANC) he stood to his ground stating there is much cover in the attacking department.So this is a good news for all the fans and lets hope he really brings one.

      Gibbs who has been out for a while is expected to be back on last week of the december.Well,i hope he could stay fit for at least one month.Wilshere who is injured is currently enjoying the nike photo shoot and other commercials.Get well soon.And our youth team is taking on derby in the third round of FA youth cup.In the loanees news dennilsen has quoted he doesnt want to return to arsenal again and love to stay at sao paulo.Man that is something awful speaking since he has received around three red cards after playing few matches,not a  stat to show your love for your loanee club.

bye tc

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santos out,City lose

         A day of mixed emotions for arsenal fans.Our brazilian defender santos is out for three months.So the situation is not good for arsenal considering zero options at full back.Sagna is out for further one and half months and gibbs have not played five games in a row.What we have at present in the defence is four central defenders excluding squillachi,and a young defender in miquel .

       You will also be surprised at the way santos is out.Really angha 18year old reserve arsenal player was named in the squad but had to be removed in the last minuted due to some paper problems considering his registration.Santos at the first sight was a  useless defender according to many fans.But he removed all the doubts with his improved performances.And his silky brazilian flair will be missed during this congested fixtires.Also he has scored two importan goals durung  his 14 games ,more than  what clichy had scored during hiss full career at arseal.We will be missing you man.

       The other news is that manchester  city has lost for the first time this season.They had to accept defeat at stamford bridge .What does their players have to say now?Kolo toure was asserting few days before they can match the arsenal invincible's.Well  they cant. even stay undefeated for half the season.

      Our younger  playres on loan especially watt impressed earning a penlaty ,and both freeman ,aneke played half the match.And vela continues to impress yesterday with an assist.keep up the work  lonees.

 Not much news and transfer rumours have been a little quiet .But i think now having a problem at left back we could be hearing a few players name playing in that position.

 alfin thomas

Monday, December 12, 2011

Once a gooner always a gooner


The much anticipated  ceremony   is over and the emirates was rejoicing its legends.The legends one by one filled the fans with memories of the past.Each one have their own moment registered in the history of arsenal and in the heart of the fans.And yesterdays game witnessed another legend in the making robin van persie.And his exquisite left foot voley will be in the heart of fans as one of the best goals theyhave seen with respect to technical genius.The goal was not a fluke as most wonder goals are but was a magnificient piece of skill from the man of the moment.And the legend henry was there to witness as well.

The three legends statues were unveiled as part of celebrations.The three really deserved it and in my honest opinion i felt bergkamp too should have been honoured.He was the man that kick started the next generation arsenal.But still there is time.

And when henry was displayed his statue,he was quite emotional.he thanked his team for the success and was simply delighted.He clearly is a gooner.And  he ended his speech by procalimimg ONCE A GOONER ALWAYS A GOONER.Yeah right.We all should be proud for supporting this great club with such a great set of legends.Hats off to henry.

Now to other news ,it seems spurs have fallen at last away to stoke.Always a tough place to play .And apparently redknapp have blasted referee after the match.Let me be silent,iam not going to comment about the match.Also it is being reported that everton has requested henry for a laon deal.I think that is baseless since everton would not be able to offer his salary.

bye tc
alfin thomas


Sunday, December 11, 2011

A vintage arsenal score 1-0

      Late ,late late so sorry.I don't know whether the players want to achieve the vintage arsenal score 1-0 on the great clubs birthday.We just did that,like the old arsenal.
                  Looking at the match ,the first half we saw so many chances being wasted .The culprits included gervinho,walcott,ramsey and i have to admit rvp.We were dominant and created a few chances but our usual 'clinical' finishing gave no goals. While in  second half it was like everton wanted a draw and they introduced defender.They defended deeper with great understanding and attacked as on counters.Time rolled by and then birthday gift for arsenal arrived.Arteta passed to song,who then lobbed the boll diagonally  above their defence and who else RVP finished in exquisite left footed volley.The keeper had no time to move and was dumbstruck.Me too..and all the 60000 fans with the legends too were dumbstruck.Then the celebrations erupted.Pure magic from nowhere, the pass and the finish.We finished the game with more assurance unlike the last year .
              The defenders were good with all the 4 being  the center backs.Djorou and vermalean were good at the full back positions.Miquel too impressed.Ramsey had a slight dissapointing day especially with his finishing.the midfielders were not accurate enough as offsides increased.Anyway good performance .
                      Also it was cool to watch schezny kissing the left foot of rvp..Yeah he is right.That foot is a magic wand doing what we need at the right time with magnificent movements.

bye tc alfin

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thought on the tactics

  So the day of premier league has arrived with arsenal facing eveton.Wenger has made clear to his players to concentrate on the league than thinkinh of champions league.He is absolutely right.The coming six games will have huge effect on the rest of the season.

           The team looks a bit short at the moment.In the defense we would be playing all the four central defenders .I iam guessing(who cant) mertskr,kos at the heart of the defense,djoru at right and verm at the back.or if wengwe has confidence at miquel we could see emrt verm at centre and kos at right.I t depends on the boss right?.The remaining team song arteta ramseywith gerv,theo and rvp.

           Todays game we would be under the pressure.So passing will have to be quick .Song and ramsey mainly should not loose the possession at the centre of the pitch.The movements off the ball too should be good so as to be in a better pass receiving position.Gervinho and theo should stretch the defence and cut back the crosses.if miquel is playing gerv should do his defensive duties.(he does that now ).Song should not make too much of fouls especially near the box as everton would use the set pieces to maximum effect.

            And arteta plying against his  best friends,wont be easy .Another astonishing fact is that arteta is the joint second top scorer of everton with two goals.So thats for the day .Hope everyone would be watching the game

bye tc

Friday, December 9, 2011

What makes arsenal stingy

        Emirates is buzzing these days and according to the officials they are preparing themselves for the great 125 th year celebrations.Even though we could not show the form on the pitch at the start of the season, now we are exactly showing off.I would be writing once in a while explaining different philosophies the club now practices.
                  At this time the club, mainly our boss is criticized for lack of spending money.True as a fan i too would want the club to spend.Do u think wenger doesn't love having world class players in his team?Who wouldn't want ?So anyone bashing him on not spending is utterly out of mind.He does love having good players .And one of the example which shows he spends money is henry.He spend 10-11 million on the year1999.
             So time passed and we built a new stadium.As you would expect the huge amount was taken as loan.Before that ,ie wengers beginning years he had the freedom to spend freely and that was curbed after the new stadium.Realistically board put wenger under trouble by decreasing transfer amounts as the major income was used to finish off loans.Now too the loan has not been fully paid .What wenger wants is the end of the loan ,at which he should be able to spend again freely.
                  And what does we do?We shout ,criticize and snigger at him while he accepts it and doesnt have the ethics to tell about the board's doing to the public.Guys we should respect  this man as he is the reason what we are today and what we would be, after another 100 years as he has set the club with deep visionary.
                            Now in other news,it seems schezny is supporting degea through twitter.good.Angha would most probably in the arsenal team for evetron..And in todays transfer we are linked to damio,vertonghen,alex,cahill,goetze....Hmmm how much can i hear in ione day!!

bye tc
alfin thomas

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two in Two out

         So at last the group phase is over and two English teams are out and two are in.One of the team ousted is Manchester city.The million dollar team could not stand to expectations even though they beat bayern which  had their fringe players.And now their captain kompany wants them to  win europe championship .Well best of luck .Money cant win everything in the pitch can it?
           The other team is Manchester united .The best team in the world,the team coached by the best manager, the team with never say die attitude ,is out.yeah its true .They would be playing europe league with the spurs .I feel pity on them  since they were on the hardest group in this competetion .They had to face the almighty otelul gelati,the supreme benefica and the magnificient basel.Sorry for them.Next year i will pray that  they would be in an easier group.
                  One of the team qualified is chelsea.congrats to them.The heat  surrounding AVB  might lessen thanks to this qualification.
                     The other team qualified is relegation battlers  titled by the experts ,the team coached by money stinger ,the one man club,the cesc less team THE ARSENAL .Whoah would you believe it.I think the reason arsenal qualified is,  since they were in the easiest group containing german and french minnows.Every team was hoping to be in such an easier group but by luck arsenal got it.

                December ,one week is over and this month we would be looking to concentrate in the league.All the best arsenal.And apparently beeny would love to stay here till his contract ends.Good for him.And our boss feels madrid and barcelona are best .True....

Bye tc
alfin thomas

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thought about the match

   The match was an embarrassing to some extent mainly at the defence..I was surprised when both santos and vermalean started the match.but both could not stop squillachi from being himself.
               Looking at the first half they pressed us higher up the pitch and our younger duo in midfield could not stop from loosing possession.And the defence after passing themselves ,when having no chance passed it back to the goalkeeper who hit it to the centre of the pitch.And the process circulated throughout the match.The first goal was an error from both squillachi and djourou.The second was an howler from our substitue mannone .He lost his bearing and could not stop the goal.In the second half we tried to attack and chamakh was effective.He gave two good chance to benny and he finished one with style and perfection.Then again we looked classy at times through rosicky but could not score the equaliser.And eventually they hit the third.They deserved it since our defence was in shambles and had no coordination.the midfield lacked the ideas and arshavin as ever was invisible most of the game.
              Now if i think of the positives chamkh worked hard and was creating chances.Frimpong played nicely but lost possession .Alex threatened  once in a while but defencevely did not give much support.But we should not expect much from him as he has only started..
              Also hope that santos injury is not serious and will be back soon.Eventhough  we lost the match we can hope that this is for the best and remember it is not easy to play your first euro game in such a festive crowd supporting the opposition

Bye tc
alfin thomas

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

youngsters day out

         January is fast approaching and transfer mill has started its full function currently linking us to podolski ,goetze, some unknown 22 year old Mexican player.I think its really a waste of time reading those gossip columns .
         And now about the game ,as my heading suggest its youngsters day out .Did u see frimpong with wenger in the press conferenceI think he is really  having his managers confidence.18 member squad announced Andrey Arshavin  Yossi Benayoun Marouane Chamakh Francis Coquelin Johan Djourou Craig Eastmond Lukasz Fabianski Emmanuel Frimpong Vito Mannone Ignasi Miquel Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Oguzhan Ozyakup Ju Young Park Tomas Rosicky Andre Santos Sebastien Squillaci Thomas Vermaelen Nico Yennaris

    An interesting point to note is that we only have five original defender and two make shift defenders in yennaris and eastomnd.Coincidently both play at right back.So one of yennaris/eastmond will start in right back.(probably yennaris).Then defence will contain squillaci and djourou at its heart.And miquel at the left back.if we play 4-4-2 i dont see both benny as well as rosicky starting.So in the case if we play our usual 4-5-1 we could see alex ,benny on flanks frimpong,coquelin and rosick controlling the midfield.So we will have either chamakh or park  upfront.Oh guys i forgot about arshavin.Another substitute appearance will dampen his confidence .So wenger will have a headache with that.

        What i expect from this match is another spectacular performance from alex the ox.He must have started to feel the burden of expectations on him.But hopefully he will succeed today.Frimpong and coquelin will provide tenaciousness in the midfield.Defense worry me the most as most probably we will have djouou,squillachi,yennaris and miquel.Of which two are making their debuts.

        Vela has done something special on the last match.  If u have not seen then check this out for him.Congratulations to rvp for winning the goal of the month award.And am waiting for the night of youngsters .

alfin thomas

Monday, December 5, 2011

Time for guys like Hansen to shut up Right?

         What a vintage performance from the ole ole ole beautiful arsenal. Yeah true i am late.Sorry guys fever took me the nights arsenal shattered wigan and i was under rest.
          When the season started the media were bluffing sack wenger ,arsenal playing in on.Then after turning the corner(as our boss said it) bums like alan hansen talking of one man arsenal team and not giving any credit.After that we scored a few matches without rvp and he tells opposition played stupid.Its crazy to hear from such a man who has played football .I also don't understand how the hell he receives  £1.5millionper year for motd program talking this bluff.So at least now when arsenal is winning it is time for him and others to say good about our team or at least show the worth of the money they are paid for. or mr alan hasen please shut you mouth for goodness sake.
         Now to the match according to the opta stats we did 33 passes for our third goal.So no end to the tipy tapy play even after losing cesc.That shows we have the talent .up up gunners.We are right behind u.
        Another mention to the away match supporters how great they were .Also wonderful to see szczesny asking the fans to be silent and singing we are by far the greatest team and then all the fans joined him ....
bye tc
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Andrey Arshvavin

           As time goes by i would be writing about our players.Now when i look at the arsenal team i feel sorry for the cute russian arshavin.
             He arrived after a protracted  transfer from russia.I still remembering the time i glued to my pc to hear about him joining us.First it was like the transfer had broken down and my friends began to curse the  money pincher wenger(i surely dont agree with that )and then suddenly he had joined as on deadline day.He announced his arrival to the premier league with an awesome foursome goals against the liverpool.Wow i was so happy.But after that even though he has been good he has not been his best.

             Speaking about him he has technical ability,vision and a knack for goals.  He was really great during his first season.But then he began to fade.Looking at him his original position is through the centre.But wenger prefers him in the flank.Th reason is obvious .Have u seen ramsey while playing in the CAM position, tracking back to help defensively and get the ball back.Exactly thats the reason he is not playing in the middle.He wants his players to track back. So arshavin was deployed in the flank.
            Many  before the start of the year wanted arshavin to be sold citing the reason that he is not good to continue.But if  we look at the stats he scored 10goals and made 17 assists.Cool right !Not in good form and getting such stats.That's arshavin.He looks ordinary in most of the games completely invisible but have rare moments.What the fans demand is he should play like that every minute.True.So its areal dilemma whether u need arshavin or not.
         Thinking of him this season he has not had a real impact for our team.When against sunderland

i thought he was back when he dribbled through four defenders in the penalty box.Oh what a sight it was.Then against bolton another good  performance.Rest of the games he had looked ordinary.
        This russian magician continue to amaze fans with his magic like the goal against the barcelona(I would neve forget that .Will YOU?)  as well as frustrate with his ordinary perfomance.We want you arshavin .U should be back with bang.
       Lets hope for the better isn't it?


Arsenal vs wigan

      Coming to the match with a week off for most of the team will be good.Team news is good considering no further setbacks.But its frustrating to see Diaby out.How the lad could be feeling,considering the time spent on the injury table and the way  he worked hard to regain the fitness now  thats the reason behind barton incident (remembering 4-4).
       So with a strong team even a pessimistic would not be thinking of a defeat to the current arsenal team.the present is good at play as well as mentality.I expect the team with gervinho,rvp,walct,song,arteta,ramsey,santos,vermalean,metskr,kosnly.(surely anyone can guess that lineup )i also hop alex can get a substitute appearance today.the chances of winning looks pretty good but fingers crossed.
    The other news transfer gossips are bubbling day by day linking us to top players as well as unknown.A mexican midfielder has apparently already signed for us according to many sources.But wengert has dismissed it telling its an agent play.Lets see.
                     Arshavin as we know is a great  player but curently lacks in confidence.Lets hope he can regain his form by cominh today as late substitute.Ifeel sorry for him as he is such a wonderful player on his day.
    And before ending its cool to see the team enjoying themselves.Watch the team playing table tennis at 
Bye tc