Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hints on transfer

         Another quiet day has passed with no major news.Only good news has arrived from an unexpected area ie transfer.Wenger has stated he is ready to buy a striker when january window opens provided he finds a great buy.Unlike the transfer rumours this is authentic as it is published in official website.

        Earlier in the season when he was asked of the chance of buying a striker (since both chamakh as well as gervinho arse leaving for ANC) he stood to his ground stating there is much cover in the attacking department.So this is a good news for all the fans and lets hope he really brings one.

      Gibbs who has been out for a while is expected to be back on last week of the december.Well,i hope he could stay fit for at least one month.Wilshere who is injured is currently enjoying the nike photo shoot and other commercials.Get well soon.And our youth team is taking on derby in the third round of FA youth cup.In the loanees news dennilsen has quoted he doesnt want to return to arsenal again and love to stay at sao paulo.Man that is something awful speaking since he has received around three red cards after playing few matches,not a  stat to show your love for your loanee club.

bye tc

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