Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thought about the match

   The match was an embarrassing to some extent mainly at the defence..I was surprised when both santos and vermalean started the match.but both could not stop squillachi from being himself.
               Looking at the first half they pressed us higher up the pitch and our younger duo in midfield could not stop from loosing possession.And the defence after passing themselves ,when having no chance passed it back to the goalkeeper who hit it to the centre of the pitch.And the process circulated throughout the match.The first goal was an error from both squillachi and djourou.The second was an howler from our substitue mannone .He lost his bearing and could not stop the goal.In the second half we tried to attack and chamakh was effective.He gave two good chance to benny and he finished one with style and perfection.Then again we looked classy at times through rosicky but could not score the equaliser.And eventually they hit the third.They deserved it since our defence was in shambles and had no coordination.the midfield lacked the ideas and arshavin as ever was invisible most of the game.
              Now if i think of the positives chamkh worked hard and was creating chances.Frimpong played nicely but lost possession .Alex threatened  once in a while but defencevely did not give much support.But we should not expect much from him as he has only started..
              Also hope that santos injury is not serious and will be back soon.Eventhough  we lost the match we can hope that this is for the best and remember it is not easy to play your first euro game in such a festive crowd supporting the opposition

Bye tc
alfin thomas

p.s sorry for being late

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