Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thought on the tactics

  So the day of premier league has arrived with arsenal facing eveton.Wenger has made clear to his players to concentrate on the league than thinkinh of champions league.He is absolutely right.The coming six games will have huge effect on the rest of the season.

           The team looks a bit short at the moment.In the defense we would be playing all the four central defenders .I iam guessing(who cant) mertskr,kos at the heart of the defense,djoru at right and verm at the back.or if wengwe has confidence at miquel we could see emrt verm at centre and kos at right.I t depends on the boss right?.The remaining team song arteta ramseywith gerv,theo and rvp.

           Todays game we would be under the pressure.So passing will have to be quick .Song and ramsey mainly should not loose the possession at the centre of the pitch.The movements off the ball too should be good so as to be in a better pass receiving position.Gervinho and theo should stretch the defence and cut back the crosses.if miquel is playing gerv should do his defensive duties.(he does that now ).Song should not make too much of fouls especially near the box as everton would use the set pieces to maximum effect.

            And arteta plying against his  best friends,wont be easy .Another astonishing fact is that arteta is the joint second top scorer of everton with two goals.So thats for the day .Hope everyone would be watching the game

bye tc

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