Thursday, December 22, 2011

Arsenal vs Villa

     The present arsenal unlike past does not falter at pressure anymore.This could be told since watching their performance yesterday and have in your mind we had lost our previous match too.Dropping two points yesterday could have been catastrophic  since all the team around is winning.

      About the match to be frank this was a different villa team according to their performances,they were ready to attack and played a high line.Schezny had to make a good save at the start of the game.And the goal came across the run of play,arteta taking a hurried throw walcott showing some skill and then he was pushed back.Referee pointed to the spot and persie scored his 34th goal.We controlled the game and finished off the first half.But villa attacked after the half and for the first time vrmalean mad a mistake and villa scores.Substitution were made with benny,arsh and roscky  on the field.We attacked and got a lot of corners but couldn't convert.6minutes before the full time benny stuck with his head following a corner from van persie.Yeah we scored in the 84th minute and finished the game with authority.

   Overall a good performance from the lads.Frimpong did not had a good day.But he will improve.Wenger surprised with coquelin at right back.kos had another superb performance,mert was cool,verm except the mistake was as his usual .Anyway great performance showing the heart for grinding the result and well played aston villa.

bye tc

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