Friday, December 9, 2011

What makes arsenal stingy

        Emirates is buzzing these days and according to the officials they are preparing themselves for the great 125 th year celebrations.Even though we could not show the form on the pitch at the start of the season, now we are exactly showing off.I would be writing once in a while explaining different philosophies the club now practices.
                  At this time the club, mainly our boss is criticized for lack of spending money.True as a fan i too would want the club to spend.Do u think wenger doesn't love having world class players in his team?Who wouldn't want ?So anyone bashing him on not spending is utterly out of mind.He does love having good players .And one of the example which shows he spends money is henry.He spend 10-11 million on the year1999.
             So time passed and we built a new stadium.As you would expect the huge amount was taken as loan.Before that ,ie wengers beginning years he had the freedom to spend freely and that was curbed after the new stadium.Realistically board put wenger under trouble by decreasing transfer amounts as the major income was used to finish off loans.Now too the loan has not been fully paid .What wenger wants is the end of the loan ,at which he should be able to spend again freely.
                  And what does we do?We shout ,criticize and snigger at him while he accepts it and doesnt have the ethics to tell about the board's doing to the public.Guys we should respect  this man as he is the reason what we are today and what we would be, after another 100 years as he has set the club with deep visionary.
                            Now in other news,it seems schezny is supporting degea through twitter.good.Angha would most probably in the arsenal team for evetron..And in todays transfer we are linked to damio,vertonghen,alex,cahill,goetze....Hmmm how much can i hear in ione day!!

bye tc
alfin thomas

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