Monday, December 19, 2011

Arsenal vs City

       Our unbeaten run in the premier league for eight matches is over.Thinking about the game i really feel disheartened about the result.In my modest opinion we should at least have taken a point back home.

         The first half,both teams were full of energy and the pitch was crowded.City were better with players movement but arsenal defended  neatly.Schezny had to make one important save of ballotelli magic.At the other end  arsenal lacked creativity  and the wingers couldn't penetrate the defense.But we had fair share of chances.The most notable one was koscienly running from the back line to their box.But our captain took the shot which was blocked but eventually fell on the feet of ramsey.Had he taken a shot without touch or had he not touch it at all we could have scored.As the game progressed on city took lead with what i call a team blunder,First gervinho made a poor pass,they counter attacked koscienly couldn't cover his man and the seven arsenal men in the box couldn't nullify two city players ,schezny couldnt palm away the ball safely and they scored.Then suddenly the pressing was gone,space opened up and  the game was fast.It was post to post and we scored once but flagged offside by just..They too had their chances and to their dismay one hit the post.Well walcott who was anonymous for most part of the game hit a shot but hart blocked it away.Then another attack resulted in the ball hitting hands of richards but penalty was not given.Substitutes arshavin nor chamack couldnt be a super sub as we lost the match.

   Well lets hope for the best guys .And lets hope arsenal make amend against aston villa.come on gooners

bye tc

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