Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santos out,City lose

         A day of mixed emotions for arsenal fans.Our brazilian defender santos is out for three months.So the situation is not good for arsenal considering zero options at full back.Sagna is out for further one and half months and gibbs have not played five games in a row.What we have at present in the defence is four central defenders excluding squillachi,and a young defender in miquel .

       You will also be surprised at the way santos is out.Really angha 18year old reserve arsenal player was named in the squad but had to be removed in the last minuted due to some paper problems considering his registration.Santos at the first sight was a  useless defender according to many fans.But he removed all the doubts with his improved performances.And his silky brazilian flair will be missed during this congested fixtires.Also he has scored two importan goals durung  his 14 games ,more than  what clichy had scored during hiss full career at arseal.We will be missing you man.

       The other news is that manchester  city has lost for the first time this season.They had to accept defeat at stamford bridge .What does their players have to say now?Kolo toure was asserting few days before they can match the arsenal invincible's.Well  they cant. even stay undefeated for half the season.

      Our younger  playres on loan especially watt impressed earning a penlaty ,and both freeman ,aneke played half the match.And vela continues to impress yesterday with an assist.keep up the work  lonees.

 Not much news and transfer rumours have been a little quiet .But i think now having a problem at left back we could be hearing a few players name playing in that position.

 alfin thomas

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