Sunday, December 11, 2011

A vintage arsenal score 1-0

      Late ,late late so sorry.I don't know whether the players want to achieve the vintage arsenal score 1-0 on the great clubs birthday.We just did that,like the old arsenal.
                  Looking at the match ,the first half we saw so many chances being wasted .The culprits included gervinho,walcott,ramsey and i have to admit rvp.We were dominant and created a few chances but our usual 'clinical' finishing gave no goals. While in  second half it was like everton wanted a draw and they introduced defender.They defended deeper with great understanding and attacked as on counters.Time rolled by and then birthday gift for arsenal arrived.Arteta passed to song,who then lobbed the boll diagonally  above their defence and who else RVP finished in exquisite left footed volley.The keeper had no time to move and was dumbstruck.Me too..and all the 60000 fans with the legends too were dumbstruck.Then the celebrations erupted.Pure magic from nowhere, the pass and the finish.We finished the game with more assurance unlike the last year .
              The defenders were good with all the 4 being  the center backs.Djorou and vermalean were good at the full back positions.Miquel too impressed.Ramsey had a slight dissapointing day especially with his finishing.the midfielders were not accurate enough as offsides increased.Anyway good performance .
                      Also it was cool to watch schezny kissing the left foot of rvp..Yeah he is right.That foot is a magic wand doing what we need at the right time with magnificent movements.

bye tc alfin

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