Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arsenal out in youth FA cup,bunjaku leaves

         Not good news at all.First our youth team is out of the FA cup with a lose against derby.The game had moved into the extra time where the winner was hit.But the truth is that we dominated the game but could not find the winner and certainly bould was an unhappy man at the end.I dont know why all the upcoming goalies are good(like argentinian goalie martinez) charle cook was exceptional yesterday but could not stop the winner from being scored.

       The other is a bitter dissapointing as a fututre prospect bunjaku has left the club.When i had watched his matches and clips i was impressed by his flair and touch.But due to unknown reasons he have left the club.But wenger knows the best and i trust in him.

        Transfer rumours are running high ,currently linking us to podolski and torres .Wow the name sounds good but it  circulates just because of the fact that wenger mentioned about strikers .Not much news otherwise

bye tc

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