Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two in Two out

         So at last the group phase is over and two English teams are out and two are in.One of the team ousted is Manchester city.The million dollar team could not stand to expectations even though they beat bayern which  had their fringe players.And now their captain kompany wants them to  win europe championship .Well best of luck .Money cant win everything in the pitch can it?
           The other team is Manchester united .The best team in the world,the team coached by the best manager, the team with never say die attitude ,is out.yeah its true .They would be playing europe league with the spurs .I feel pity on them  since they were on the hardest group in this competetion .They had to face the almighty otelul gelati,the supreme benefica and the magnificient basel.Sorry for them.Next year i will pray that  they would be in an easier group.
                  One of the team qualified is chelsea.congrats to them.The heat  surrounding AVB  might lessen thanks to this qualification.
                     The other team qualified is relegation battlers  titled by the experts ,the team coached by money stinger ,the one man club,the cesc less team THE ARSENAL .Whoah would you believe it.I think the reason arsenal qualified is,  since they were in the easiest group containing german and french minnows.Every team was hoping to be in such an easier group but by luck arsenal got it.

                December ,one week is over and this month we would be looking to concentrate in the league.All the best arsenal.And apparently beeny would love to stay here till his contract ends.Good for him.And our boss feels madrid and barcelona are best .True....

Bye tc
alfin thomas

p.s please take this article in its way

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