Saturday, December 3, 2011

Andrey Arshvavin

           As time goes by i would be writing about our players.Now when i look at the arsenal team i feel sorry for the cute russian arshavin.
             He arrived after a protracted  transfer from russia.I still remembering the time i glued to my pc to hear about him joining us.First it was like the transfer had broken down and my friends began to curse the  money pincher wenger(i surely dont agree with that )and then suddenly he had joined as on deadline day.He announced his arrival to the premier league with an awesome foursome goals against the liverpool.Wow i was so happy.But after that even though he has been good he has not been his best.

             Speaking about him he has technical ability,vision and a knack for goals.  He was really great during his first season.But then he began to fade.Looking at him his original position is through the centre.But wenger prefers him in the flank.Th reason is obvious .Have u seen ramsey while playing in the CAM position, tracking back to help defensively and get the ball back.Exactly thats the reason he is not playing in the middle.He wants his players to track back. So arshavin was deployed in the flank.
            Many  before the start of the year wanted arshavin to be sold citing the reason that he is not good to continue.But if  we look at the stats he scored 10goals and made 17 assists.Cool right !Not in good form and getting such stats.That's arshavin.He looks ordinary in most of the games completely invisible but have rare moments.What the fans demand is he should play like that every minute.True.So its areal dilemma whether u need arshavin or not.
         Thinking of him this season he has not had a real impact for our team.When against sunderland

i thought he was back when he dribbled through four defenders in the penalty box.Oh what a sight it was.Then against bolton another good  performance.Rest of the games he had looked ordinary.
        This russian magician continue to amaze fans with his magic like the goal against the barcelona(I would neve forget that .Will YOU?)  as well as frustrate with his ordinary perfomance.We want you arshavin .U should be back with bang.
       Lets hope for the better isn't it?


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