Friday, December 16, 2011

Transfer rumors (Joking!!!)

        When i was much younger i used to be crazy for transfer rumors.It would make me sit down and read all the bluffs  available.But as years passed by and when my intelligence grew(it has to) i tried to control myself from reading it.But to be true, i cant  control myself now too.(even though i  don't believe it unless from a very reasonable source). It is  the natural curiosity of any human being in wanting to know what will happen next.Here it is combined with the love for the club praying to be linked with a player who could transform the club to its next level.
                                   Now its middle of december with only a few weeks left for the transfer .So now i look into what the transfer mill is offering for our club and its credibility.

                                    Not just this site but many have been linking us to benzema.Whoah think deeply,do you feel he is gonna come to arsenal.Mourinho likes him a lot and preferred him to higuain against barca.With such confidence on him, will he be transferred to arsenal?think.


                                  Do u think wenger will go for alex.He is very happy with his current centre backs and mind you if he ever needs one will he go for alex or last year in contract man cahill?


                                 Not just this site ,but i used the site since they are bluffing too much for hits recently.When we have song ,wenger a great admirer of frimpong ,coquelin pleading for chances ,do you think wenger will go for another defensive midfielder?

                                  Just another article for hits. Even though it clearly mentions argentina ,the news is simply bad.

                                  Just after a good performance against man u media have been linking us to shaqiri.Well they think wenger will take any player who played nicely against their rivals.The news is waste as we have too many men playing in that position.

                                   If i continue with it the list would be big ,so iam not prolonging it.Let me share you another experience i had today.I stumbled across the news heading 'vieria to arsenal'.Surprised by the heading and not knowing what was ahead i clicked it.To my annoyance the author fooled me by telling vieria was a second division player in spain.I was pretty aghast by the incident and decided to write about it.

                                  Well there are many ,iam sure you have seen it as  much as i have seen.There are many reliable news circulating like wolfsburg interested in rosicky.Its true as their manager have spoken it out  publicly of their desire  to get rosicky as wll as bayern forward olic.Podolski news have been brought as he has ascertained that he want to leave abroad and wenger spoke of the chance of bringing in a new striker.

                                  What i am trying to tell you is please don't get  hyped by the transfer rumors running wildly .When i read comments of a transfer page i notice many of them yelling at wenger for trying to buy the player (as on that transfer page) .Well i don't  understand the logic behind it,reading a rumor and cursing the boss.So think for a moment before commenting and believing it.

                       I dont know why the bad fate is always with arsenal.We have drawn milan.Damn it .Why didnt we get other six teams.Lets hope it is for the best.Come on gooners

bye tc
alfin thomas

p.s please comment on how to improve this blog


  1. Alfin,

    I'm actually working on an article on this very subject for Untold Arsenal right now, so I found the list of articles you compiled here to be quite helpful.

    Good luck with your blog. As for suggestions on how to improve it, I would suggest that you just keep writing posts and see what works, and what draws in readers. It will probably take you awhile to build up readership, so don't get discouraged. Aside from the comments sections of other blogs, twitter might be a good place to find people if you get involved in some discussions there.

    You'll also find that your writing style improves as you write more, so the blog will improve as well as you get more experience. Aside from that, make sure that you always run spelling and grammar check before you post.

    Hope the blogging works out well for you, and that you will continue to visit us at Untold.
    I would be personally interested to know of any additional work you do on transfer rumors. Cheers.


  2. Thanks anne.I will surely try to implement ur advice on my new articles.

  3. Thought of one other thing:

    If you're particularly interested in media issues, I'm the editor and principle author of the "Untold Media" section of Untold. I'm always looking for contributors to bring issues in the news to my attention, contribute articles and/or research, or contribute in any other way.

    I don't know if that's something you would be interested in doing, but if you are, I would certainly be willing to link to your blog if I ever used something that you contributed. So, if you think you might be able to contribute something to UM, my contact address can be found at the following link:

  4. Of course iam interested .I would try to contribute in the best way.

  5. Great read!! Agree with u, however big v become n however lame the rumors might be v still can't control ourselves from reading..

  6. Alfin,

    That's great to hear. Looking at your posts, I can see that you have some opinions on the media that I agree with, which is why I asked if you were interested.

    Overall, which media issue would you say interests you most, bothers you most, etc.?

  7. Overall i dont like the way media runs story on us like ,they dont praise wengers visionary ideas,dont have much credibility in reporting transfer rumors,pundits being anti-arsenal and so on.let me know the topics where i can help you.

  8. Alfin,

    Hm... I'm working on a transfer rumour piece myself right now, and I've done a lot of coverage of anti-Wenger press. However, one area that I haven't touched on before is anti-Arsenal pundits. I think that would be an interesting topic for us to cover, if you're interested.

    I can think of a couple of ways to do it. One would be if you just wanted to do some research and compile some data for me. Like, give me a list of pundits with some things they've said that you found offensive to Arsenal (with links). I could then write it up into article form myself and give you a research credit.

    The other option would be if you wanted to go ahead and write it up yourself, as you would in a post for your blog. At that point, I would edit it (which would mean that I would basically go through it and maybe change some word choice and stuff but leave the content of your article intact). I would then get your approval of any edits that I made, and if you approved it, I would publish it as an Untold Media blog post with you as the author.

    And I would, of course, do a brief write up directing our readers to your blog if they liked the article. As for the content of the article, it would be pretty much entirely up to you.

    However, since we've never covered pundits, I think it would be best if you could do some sort of list, or overview, of who these pundits are that Arsenal fans should keep their eye on. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, that's just the first idea I thought of. If anything I've suggested sounds appealing to you, that's great. If not, just let me know what you'd like better, or any suggestions you have. Any thoughts?